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Welcome "Into the Barn"!

On a little farm in the metaverse, something special was launched in November 2021. Wolf Game is an innovative P2E game built entirely on-chain (Ethereum). Launched through a stealth mint, a strong community quickly grew after seeing the team deliver novel game mechanics that integrated game theory with risks & rewards. Since launch, the project has continued to evolve and keep the community engaged through multiple phases. The WG team has responded well to all the bumps in the road, and has regularly delivered innovative code and concepts each step of the way. The best part: we’re just getting started with Full Game on the horizon… Welcome to the Wolf Game Community!

This guide has been created by the community, for the community. We’d like to officially welcome you to the Wolf Game community by making it easy for you to get started. Enjoy!

What is Wolf Game?

Wolf Game is an Ethereum-based, play-to-earn (P2E) game launched entirely on the blockchain in Q4 2021 with new, innovative mechanics. The Full-feature game & blockchain economy is scheduled for release in Q1/Q2 2022.

Wolf Game Laptop and Mobile Screen Preview

Where to Start

To understand what phase of the game we're currently at, you might want to start by looking at the Wolf Game Interactive Timeline. This handy guide will explain the different phases of Wolf Game, including where we currently are. As a quick start guide, below is a 1-pager view of the main phases of Wolf Game:

Wolf Game Timeline Preview

Shareable Wolf Game Overview

In the spirt of welcoming new players to Wolf Game, we've created a downloadable PDF overview of Wolf Game. Easy-to-print, easy-to-share. We hope this helps you welcome friends and family to the community!

Sharing is caring! -> Downloadable PDF Overview of Wolf Game

Downloadable Wolf Game Overview

Key Innovations & Novel Code

What makes Wolf Game so special? There are many, but one key advantage is the team delivers. Shep and the WG development team have continued to write innovative code, create unique game mechanics and think of novel concepts to keep the community engaged through ups-and-downs. Below are some of the key accomplishment the Wolf Game team has delivered on:

  1. Game played entirely on the blockchain (never-before-seen on-chain mechanics)
  2. Ability for NFTs to steal other NFTs: Wolves had a 10% chance to “steal” Gen1 animals minted with WOOL
  3. NFTs can “tax” other NFTs: Wolves have been able to take a cut of sheep earnings in V1 and Risky Game, as well as earn a bigger % in Alpha Game
  4. Ability to mint and stake your NFTs in a single transaction
  5. Gamified staking: stake WOOL, Sheep or Wolves to earn higher rewards
  6. Wool Pouches: an NFT (ERC-751 token) that emits ERC-20 tokens (WOOL) (technically impressive + a smart economic method to deliver promised rewards to the community without flooding the market with too many WOOL tokens
  7. Deflationary mechanics to continually decrease the WOOL supply through gameplay
  8. Strategic decisions that push the limits of game theory
  9. Live auctions to bid and purchase 1/1 Relic NFTs, hosted by community member Farmer Ron and The Auctioneer (an auctioneer IRL).