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What is Wolf Game?

Wolf Game is an Ethereum-based, play-to-earn (P2E) game launched entirely on the blockchain in Q4 2021 with new, innovative mechanics. The Full-feature game & blockchain economy is scheduled for release in Q1/Q2 2022.

Wolf Game Laptop and Mobile Screen Preview

Wolf Game is an innovative P2E game built entirely on-chain (Ethereum). Launched through a stealth mint, a strong community quickly grew after seeing the team deliver novel game mechanics that integrated game theory with risks & rewards. Since launch, the project has continued to evolve and keep the community engaged through multiple phases. The WG team has responded well to all the bumps in the road, and has regularly delivered innovative code and concepts each step of the way. The best part: we’re just getting started with Full Game on the horizon… Welcome to Wolf Game.

Website (Official) -> Official Wolf Game Website

Wolf Game Tokens:

Wolf Game consists of 5 different NFTs (ERC-751 tokens) related to gameplay, 3 of which have been revealed and 2 which are currently unrevealed. Relics are 1/1 art from various phases of Wolf Game.

  • iSpartan's Nerd Wolf


    NFT (ERC-751 token)

    Steal, thieve, kidnap. A world that’s yours for the taking. The most aggressive actors in Wolf Game, Wolves show no mercy. They’ll capture Sheep and the most precious resources from farmers, and they’re good at it, too. Breed them to expand your personal wolfpack.

  • Cool Sheep 708


    NFT (ERC-751 token)

    Produce precious WOOL. Breed your flock. As an owner of nature’s source of precious WOOL, you shall watch over your Sheep closely. Breed them to increase your production of WOOL and governance of the ecosystem.

  • Wool Pouch

    Wool Pouches

    NFT (ERC-751 token that emits ERC-20 WOOL tokens)

    Wool Pouches release locked WOOL tokens over the course of 4 years.

  • Land

    Land - Unrevealed

    NFT (ERC-751 token)

    Build your domain. Prosper off the land. A finite resource, only 20,000 genesis land plots will ever exist. Each is unique, with varying acreage, and capabilities that can be multiplied with Farmers. Cultivate assets in your quest for economic dominance.

  • Farmer

    Farmers - Unrevealed

    NFT (ERC-751 token)

    Multiply the capabilities of your land in your quest for economic dominance. ⦁ WOOL Pouches: NFTs that release WOOL over time.

  • Relic 1 from Auction 2

    Relics - Not Related to Gameplay

    NFT (ERC-751 token)

    Relics are unique, 1/1 art from various phases of Wolf Game. These 1/1 NFTs were purchased via live 2 auctions, and currently are not part of gameplay.

    This fine piece of art used as an exaple is Relic #1 from Aution 2, which was won, and now owned, by PantherQB19. All Relics are unique.

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